Monday, December 12, 2011

How do I get my account back?

Some troll went and reported almost every answer I had today. I must have gotten about 10 violation emails this morning .. Now I come to sign on tonight and my account is suspended ! I was accused of soliciting prostitution and things of the like, which I have not.

My answer that was reported was ';Don't go into prostitution, there are better options'; and since the word was in it, It was violating Y!A terms ..

Anyways, to my point .. Can I get my old account back ? I can't even log into my email, it says I have to contact customer service. I was a level 4, with a high BA percentage .. and it's pretty sucky to lose it, lol :) Thanks in advance for the help ! %26lt;3How do I get my account back?
Trolls are like the characters from the Wizard of Oz without any of their positive traits - they're brainless, heartless, and cowardly, and I'm sorry they were able to zap you. Don't lose hope. I've never experienced a suspension, but of the five violations I've received, I've appealed and won three of them. Take a few minutes to write out a thorough appeal where you explain as much as you can about the violations you received, and why they were not justified because they did not break the Terms of Service. For the example you gave, explain that you were encouraging someone to look into better options than prostitution, and were by no means advocating it, and therefore your answer was not in violation of any rules. There are words that will get you flagged when reported - such as if someone wrote in a report that the question or answer was about child pornography, but as long as the word is not profane, writing it is not grounds for a violation. It all depends on how you use the word, and what you wrote is perfectly fine. Write the appeal calmly, and do not vent or whine. Try to be as factual as possible. Ask them to please look at the reports that were filed on your questions and answers and take note of the IP address of the reporter because you strongly suspect someone with a personal vendetta against you filed them. Though I'm not positive, I think anytime a report is filed the reporter's IP address is recorded, so Y!A will be able to see that it was the same person targeting you. If the person created multiple accounts Y!A will be able to spot them by the IP address, and he or she could have all their accounts suspended for harassment.

Write the appeal in a word file and save it to your computer. If you appeal and lose, appeal again. I had a question removed in August and appealed it and lost. I just grumpily let it go. In November I received an email from a user who said she'd reported the question out of jealousy (it was about a song I wrote) and was sorry. I appealed again with the exact same claim I'd written in August and saved to my hard drive, and the second time I not only won and had the question reinstated, I received a personalized note of apology from a staff member for their error in removing it the first go around and now granting the first appeal. It all depends on the person reading the appeal; some won't really bother reading it, and others will take the time to more carefully review your claim.

So be polite and persistent.

Good luck!

~ peaceHow do I get my account back?
u can appeal ur suspension, but honestly accounts are hardly ever reactivated so u may be stuck with the account that ur on now and start from scratch

%26lt;---- suspended 6 times, lost each appeal

i'm so sorry that happened to you

unfortunately the yahoo nazis won't let you have your account back. it's lost forever.
If you cannot access the mail account associated with that profile you have no tools or evidence, which is a catch 22.

If you had saved all the violations in a folder (or Wordpad) you could file individual appeals for each violation, then fought to get the account back.

Level 4, losing that, painful as it is, is not so bad and can be made up for fairly quickly.

Expect some tips in your mailbox if you allow mail.
You can't, just make another one. Yahoo answers pretty much declines any answer you send them, no matter how detailed and informative it is.

But they don't care if you make an account with the exact same username, but with a different number at the end or beginning of it. It's not like they ban your IP address, so you can keep using the exact same computer or laptop.

How much can I expect my credit score to improve?

My husband and I both have decent credit scores in the low 700's. We have six debt accounts, three revolving and three installment (including our mortgage). Over the next seven months we plan on having them all paid off with the exception (obviously) of the mortgage.

We have zero intention of EVER using the revolving accounts again, what is the impact on our credit score to leave them open for the $20k (+/-) capacity vs closing the accounts? How much can I expect our credit score to change as each of these accounts is paid in full? (No prepay penalties on any of them if that counts for anything)

Next spring we are going to be buying a new vehicle and hope to be selling our current home and buying a new home within a year so we want our credit score to be in good shape. Thanks!How much can I expect my credit score to improve?
It would be a good idea to have 2 major credit cards in case of emergency. Just use it for gas and small items so it will show activity. Close the revolving accounts because you can always use the major credit card in any dept store. The last 24 months will stay on your reports.How much can I expect my credit score to improve?
Carrying credit card balances of more than 30% of the limit hurts your score. Pay off the balances and your score rebounds.

Once you pay off the credit cards, you may want to keep them open if you plan on a new mortgage with the next 6 months. However, you really need to use them at least every 3 or 4 months for a small purchase and pay the balance in full. This keeps the account active. Card companies are closing inactive accounts after shorter periods. Some companies are charging monthly fees for inactive accounts.

Depending on how many credit cards, you may want to close some and keep the oldest major cards open. If you do opt to close accounts, do it via letter and request written confimation that the account is closed and 0 balance. Keep that confirmation in your forever financial file.

Paying off installment loans early won't do anything to improve your score. Installment loans build credit by making the payments over time. Paying them off early will save you interest and it will improve your debt to income ratio which is a important for a new mortgage.

One more thing, you probably should buy the new car AFTER the new mortgage. Buying the car first could make it harder to get the mortgage -- increased debt to income ratio, lower score due new debt, etc.
You can use this credit monitoring service to pre-estimate future scores for different scenarios of such payments -

How to disconnect a disabled Formspring account from Facebook?

Okay so I the first Formspring account I made did not satisfy me so I made a new one, but then that first one I made (which I disabled now) was connected/associated with my current Facebook account. Now what I would like to happen is to disconnect that old Formspring account from my Facebook so I could actually connect my new Formspring account to my Facebook. How do I do this? I have tried almost all possible method/troubleshooting just to disconnect my old Formspring account from my Facebook, but nothing seems to work. Please help, anyone? I would really appreciate all help because I have been looking for ways on how to work on this. Thank you.How to disconnect a disabled Formspring account from Facebook?
just go in account setting and close your facebook account its automatically disabled.How to disconnect a disabled Formspring account from Facebook?
Well if you deleted your account it should unlink from your facebook automatically
I'm trying to figure this out too! It's extremely annoying because it always automatically logs in for me. Every time I try to disconnect it from facebook, it reconnects by itself! %26amp; to the other answer down there, it doesn't matter because it's not fully deleted, it's just disabled. If you figure out how though, please let me know, and if I figure out, I'll definitely let you know. :)
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  • How can i change my windows standard user account to an administrative account?

    go to control panel find controllers bottom right click on it there will be two people turn user account controls on and off click om it uncheck user account controls and click OK and your done revers to enable it

    How can i make my world of warcraft account pay every month?

    i have a world of warcraft account and i have to keep on setting it up to pay everymonth how can i make it pay per month but not have to set it upHow can i make my world of warcraft account pay every month?
    Log into account management at, select Change Payment Method, click whichever method you're using (credit card, paypal, whatever) and select the option for either 1-month, 3-month or 6-month recurring. Enter the info for your chosen method and viola. Recurring payments so you don't have to keep entering the info every month.How can i make my world of warcraft account pay every month?
    Just go to the WoW website and pay for max months (which I think is 6) and not worry about it.
    Contact Blizzard. Their customer support sucks balls, except they want money, and will work it out with you.

    How do I get rich, make a profit start a business any suggestions?

    I am asking this because I want to know how to invest or what to invest in. Serious question please. :) I know how to open a bank account that builds interest but as far as making money I am lost. Would like to work for myself and be self sufficent. Any ideas or examples. thanks in advanceHow do I get rich, make a profit start a business any suggestions?
    This ingeniously simple formula allows you to create cash on demand without a product or website of your own...

    ...and you can duplicate this million dollar blueprint to create real blogs in a few minutes that have the potential to earn thousands of dollars every month.

    In fact you can also find out how one dumb little automated blog earned over $14,000 in just one month recently.How do I get rich, make a profit start a business any suggestions?
    Open a franchise.
    Yes. Go here.
    Franchising is safe, but expensive and you don't call the shots - you do what you're told.

    The other ideas are scams.

    Opening your own business likely won't make you rich, but it's a lot of fun if you do it right.

    Real estate is usually the way to a large income ( again, if you do it right).
    If you live in the UK you can email me on and I can help you with residual income.
    Yes. Start a small business that are easy to handle. You can also do article marketing or buy sell in eBay.

    Visit to this site to be guided.

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