Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How can I delete my old youtube account?

I deleted the google account that was attached to my old youtube account, so I can't access it anymore. I made a new youtube account but it is almost the same name as my old youtube account, and I keep getting people subbing to my old account instead of the new one. Is there a way of somehow deleting my old account.. Maybe flagging it, or something? How do I flag it anyway btw?

ThanksHow can I delete my old youtube account?
The only way to delete an account is to login and delete it under account settings .How can I delete my old youtube account?
1-Login into that youtube account

2- click on the username

3- Select Account Tab

4- Then Select the manage account tab

and you will find 'Delete account in that manage account.

Did you try logging with the user id and pw and not google account's?

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